The State Administration Database

State employees 1950-2008

This overview enables you to study the spatial and temporal distribution of the Norwegian state employees, covering the time period 1950-2009. The overview is primarily based on numbers from 'Statens sentrale tjenestemannsregister' (SST) (from 1974 onwards) and is constructed so that the users themselves can explore variations in the number of employees between different departments and department areas, in addition to civil service organisations outside the ministries. From 1974 and onwards the overview also includes the gender distribution among the state employees.

Note that in cases were the departments and/or civil service organisations outside the ministries have had different names through time we use the most recent one. This makes the tables more parsimonious (fewer units) and the trends in the dataset are more suited for graphical display. An overview over the history of name changes for the units can be found in here.


Nesstar is a statistical software with tools that enables you to customize tables, diagrams and figures. Follow this step-wise procedure:

  1. Choose the category you are interested in studying. You have different options:'Total', 'Department', 'Department area' og 'Civil service organisations outside the ministries'.
  2. The menu enables you to choose between different departments, department areas and civil service organisations outside the ministries. You can also choose time period and study the gender distribution.
  3. Diagrams and figures are available by clicking on the icons in the top-right corner.

About the data sources

The first annual overview of state employees came in 1949, as a Report to the Storting (Stortingsmelding). The same procedure was followed in 1950 through 1952. From 1953 to 1961 the overview came as an appendix to the State budget. Again from 1961/62 to 1973, the overview came as Reports to the Storting, this time at a four year interval. Hence, our numbers are based on reports from 1961, 1965, 1969, and 1973.

Statens sentrale tjenestemannsregister (SST) was founded in 1973. It is a register, in part developed by Statistics of Norway that encompass civil servants and state employees. From 1974 to 2005, SST’s annual overview, which comes as an appendix to the State budget, constitutes our data source.

Please note that NSD’s civil service database contains more information than this offer entails. If you want access to other categories (such as ‘man-labour year’, part time employees etc) please contact NSD.

About the data quality

NSD has recently conducted an extensive verification of its material on state employees to ensure a perfect match with its sources.


Roness, P.G. (1979). Reorganisering av departementa. Eit politisk styringsmiddel? (vedlegg 1) Bergen: Universitetsforlaget.


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