The State Administration Database

* Youth research program

This page shows this unit's (shown in bold) place in the state adminstration hierarchy per 30.06.1996.

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* = If a name is denoted with an asterisk (*), this implies a direct translation from Norwegian to English. The translation is thus not necessarily the official one (if any exists at all).


This page shows all superior and subordinate bodies to the given unit (shown in bold). Ministries and bodies within ministries are showed in blue color, bodies outside ministries are showed in green color, and companies in red and foundations in purple color. Units the represent a whole group or a whole integrated civil service organization are shown in light grey color.

Some local state units listed here are displayed in italic together with the number of units. In cases where the local units are estimated, this is indicated '(est.)'. Also note that the hierarchy of some large integrated civil service organization may not include alle local units.