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* Institute for Social Research Group (ISAF)

Unit info.

Regular founding

Date: 16.12.1977 (date not confirmed)

Ending by complex reorganization

Date: 31.12.1998 (date not confirmed)

Latest key info

NSD id number: 52990
Name: * Institute for Social Research Group (ISAF)
Short name: Institutt for samfunnsforskning
Affiliations: Other public administration body
Hierarchical level: Highest level
COFOG 09 Education
Main affiliation category: National single organization (without subordinated units)
Located: 301 Oslo
Ogranisjonsprinsipp: Geografi


* = If a name is denoted with an asterisk (*), this implies a direct translation from Norwegian to English. The translation is thus not necessarily the official one (if any exists at all).