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Type År Publikasjonstittel Forfattar
Bok 2000 Privatization. An International Review of Performance. Hodge, Graeme A.
Bok 2002 Public Sector Transparency and Accountability: Making It Happen OECD - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Bok 2002 Distributed Public Governance: Agencies, Authorities and Other Government Bodies OECD
Bok 2002 Regulatory Policies in OECD Countries: From Interventionism to Regulatory Governance OECD - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Bok 2003 The Essential Public Manager. Pollitt, Christopher
Bok 2007 Managing Performance: International Comparisons. Bouckaert, Geert & John Halligan
Bokkapittel The New Public Management in international perspective. An analysis of impacts and effects Pollitt, Christopher
Bokkapittel Results: through a glass darkly. Pollitt, Christopher og Geert Bouckaert
Notat 2000 New Public Management - Puzzles of Democracy and the Influence of Citizens. Christensen, Tom og Per Lægreid
Notat 2005 Regulatory Reforms and Agencification. Christensen, Tom og Per Lægreid.
Notat 2006 Globalization of Administrative Reforms: The Dilemmas of Combining Political Control and Increased Institutional Autonomy. Christensen, Tom & Per Lægreid
Tidsskriftsartikkel 1995 Justification by Works or by Faith? Evaluating the New Public Management. Pollitt, Christopher
Tidsskriftsartikkel 1997 Understanding Public-sector Reform: Global Trends and Diverse Agendas Cheung, Anthony B.L.
Tidsskriftsartikkel 2000 Is the emperor in the underwear? An analysis of the impacts of public management reform. Pollitt, Christopher
Tidsskriftsartikkel 2003 Assessing Public Management Reform in an International Context. Jones, L. R. & Kettl, Donald F
Tidsskriftsartikkel 2005 Strengthening trust in government: what role for government in the 21st century: annex: data on trust in the public sector. Van de Walle, S.; Van Rosenbroek, S. And Bouckaert, G.